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"Should I refuse, or should I play the game?
Well, once you're in the dark, they're all the same."

"Tell me what I must do to prove my case
And in your heart restore my rightful place."

  "This blessed portrait will remind me of
My duty to the woman that I love."

"We know not if it be or be not sin,
And who is harmed? So, let the games begin!"

"Such torment, known alone by those who love, And I know you know what I'm speaking of."

"I'm going to play today--tonight--at once! and you must conjure up one of your stunts."

" Play on. This is, as all agree
The most important time in history!"

I'm going to play, today, tonight, at once! And you must conjure up one of your stunts.  

If I could but believe this declaration...
Then pigs would fly in this and every nation!

You think he will reform? Well, then, Godspeed! This creature is more stupid than Candide.

"You sacrifice for God and here's your prize:
You'll give that dirty devil two black eyes!"

"At last his eyes meet hers--ah, rhapsody!
They kiss! Oh Lord, what fools these mortals be."

"I want to know the wrong that I have done,
I never meant to swindle anyone!"

"I tell you this, my son-in-law to be:
You'll be the biggest noise in pray TV!"

"You have such burning passion, such great force!
I thrill to listen to your...intercourse."

"His servant told her servant, who told mine.
We must do something...poison in his wine!"

"She, a mere woman, dared to tell me--me
To mind my manners. Me--unmannerly!!!"

"If this be teasin', make the most of it!"

"Our daughter will comply with your command,
And give to Monsieur Trissotin her hand."


"We hold assemblies, and with better rules,
We understand all science--we're no fools!"



"I think we’d best be going, now, Albaire.
We must get back to notre commissaire."